Do you ever feel like life would be easier if you could just control everything? Or, perhaps you’d say you’re not controlling…as long as everything goes the way you want it to! Friend, I understand both of those concepts–too well! That’s why I invited my friend, author Jennifer Dukes Lee on the show today to talk candidly about it. Jennifer offers some great insights that will encourage your heart if this is an area in which you are wrestling. Here are a few things we talk about today.

Why Do We Want to Control Everything?

  • The connection between our desire for approval and control.
  • How it can be very subtle.
  • How high achieving, high capacity women may be more likely to have this challenge.
  • How control keeps us from connection!
  • Why being a ‘control freak’ is actually an asset in certain professions–but how it may not be an asset at home.
  • How to have a mindset shift in this arena.
  • Why being capable doesn’t always equal being called.
  • And so much ore!

Jennifer Dukes Lee is the author of several books mentioned in today’s show including (Amazon affiliate links):

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Why do I want to control everything?