In today’s About 7 Minutes of Scripture episode, Heather explores how the message of the Gospel can specifically encourage us around our specific body and food issues. We have so many messages coming at us, and every day we choose to believe certain things are true and certain things aren’t true.

There are many truths we believe…

We can choose to believe that carbs are bad or that intermittent fasting is the best way to live. We can choose to believe that more exercise is always better or that taking a rest day is akin to laziness. We can choose to believe all of these things based on the words of people on the Internet, influencers who tell us their ways are best and we follow them.

But, what about believing the greatest influencer of all?

What about Jesus and His word and His Truth? Why is it sometimes harder to believe that the Gospel is enough to pronounce us worthy and accepted? How can we believe the Gospel and its message as easily as we believe the messages of human influencers?

Today, Heather explores the first part of 1 John 4. Look it up to follow along or read later. In this shorter, 7 Minutes of Scripture podcast episode, Heather explores how believing the Gospel can help you feel better about your body, your value, and your worth.

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