Let’s face it. We all want to be special. We all want to know that our lives are significant. We each desire to know that we matter. But, sometimes our lives can feel anything but significant. We may know that God says we are, but then we look at our schedules or our days and think: Does any of this really matter?

Today, Heather’s guest is Rachael Adams, author and host of the Love Offering Podcast. Rachael talks about how she’s journeyed to find significance and shares truths from her new book, “A Little Goes a Long Way.” Heather and Rachael talk about the tiny things in our lives that can make others (and ourselves) grasp a better understanding of our significance. We talk about about how significance sometimes comes from (or looks more like) sacrifice. We also talk about how something as simple as looking someone in the eyes can help them feel like they matter–and how we can practice this with strangers or even family members!

You’ll love where our conversation goes today–stick around to the end–that’s when it really heats up!

Learn more about Rachael on her website and learn more about the Love Offering Podcast. Check out Rachael’s new book: A Little Goes a Long Way: 52 Days to a Significant Life. (Amazon affiliate link)

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