2 Questions to Ask About Idolatry & Body Image (Spring Break Free Day 14)

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Spring Break Free Course

It’s Spring Break Free Day 14!

Today we’ll wrap up our talk about idolatry with a discussion about what questions you need to ask to see that those idols are ousted from your life.

Listen above or watch Heather talk about body image idolatry. You can also listen to Heather talk about this concept in other podcasts.

Question for reflection: Use the two questions in the video as your questions for today.

They are:

  1. What does beauty mean to me? (What would it mean if I did get the body I wanted? How would that affect my life? Are these benefits lasting and meaningful or fleeting (James 5:1-6).
  2. What do I treasure?


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