Five minutes online and you can see what our girls are up against. It seems like, from every angle, their identities are under attack. From the hyper sexualization of young teens to gender dysphoria to the all out war on biblical truth–girls (and really our boys, too) face more challenges than previous generations. Today my friend Yvette Hampton and I talk about what’s really going on with our girls, what they’re being taught about their identity in schools, and how parents can intervene to help girls find their true identity and purpose in Jesus Christ.

I timed this episode to intentionally help parents who will get the opportunity to spend more time with their children over Thanksgiving break. Dig in, moms! Find out what your children are being taught about their identity and purpose. It’s never too late to change the conversation.

Yvette Hampton is the producer and host of the documentary, Schoolhouse Rocked: The Homeschool Revolution and The Schoolhouse Rocked Podcast. As a mom who is concerned for the future of this generation, Yvette has a deep desire to see a culture shift by encouraging people through God’s Word. She and her husband, Garritt, have a passion for strengthening and equipping families and the homeschool community by teaching parents how to live out their convictions and point their children towards Christ. Her greatest joy is being a wife and mom. Learn more by visiting

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