Do you hate to buy bigger clothes? Is it a mental battle when you try on the size you thought you wore only to find that you need another size or two (or more) larger? Have you been frustrated with your body because it has changed sizes and now you don’t even know what size you wear?

Today, Heather unpacks our complicated relationship with clothing and clothing sizes. She gets real as she discusses why so many of us have difficulty getting rid of clothes that don’t fit and why we refuse to buy ourselves new clothes when our bodies change sizes.

Who Decides Clothing Size?

She also explores the history of standardized sizing and what that means to us as women of all shapes and sizes. If you’re staring at clothes in your drawer or your closet that are too small or too big . . . If you’re frustrated that you’re feeling healthier in your relationship with food but now don’t fit in your clothing . . . or if you feel shame around changing sizes or the letter or number inside your jeans, this episode is for you.

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