Last year I did an awesome show with Dana White from “A Slob Comes Clean” about the similarities between body image and house clutter! The show has been a huge hit on YouTube where it’s had thousands of views and hundreds of comments… but the audio version didn’t get as many listens. So, I thought I’d edit it a little more and give you a second chance, this summer, to check out this amazing interview. Dana and I talk about why it’s so hard to clean out our closets, why simple habits make the biggest difference (in body image and home decluttering) and how we’re always looking for the magic fix… but doing the work, step by step, is what really works. I hope you enjoy this great insightful and informative discussion!

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Learn more about Dana here: Podcast: Body Image, Comparison and Clutter at Home? An Interview with Organizer Dana White, A Slob Comes Clean