Stop the Comparison Habit (Day 22 Spring Break Free)

by | Apr 12, 2023 | Spring Break Free Course

Are you guilty of comparison? Don’t feel bad. Most of us are. It’s hard, in our culture, not to compare ourselves to others. I mean, gracious, we see their lives in front of us all day long. It used to be you could only compare yourself to those folks you ran into during the week. Now, we can see all of our friends’ lives, around the world,

What makes matters worse is that most of us are guilty of projecting our best self. I mean, who puts selfies online that look bad? You take the 35th shot (the only one that makes your chin look less than double) and that’s the one you post. Not the 34 where you look a little fuller in the face. Come on. We all do it. Don’t we? We project a certain image online.

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Listen to today’s episode and then check out the questions for reflection on Day 22 of the Spring Break Free. Or, catch up on all the episodes at:

Questions for reflection:

Do you tend to compare your rough days to other people’s best days? Do you tend to believe the “storyline” that women share online, social media, etc . . .or do you look deeper?

Have you ever thought about the concept of objectification? Do you feel that you sometimes objectify other women (looking only at one aspect of them and comparing yourself to them in only one way?)



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