Today we conclude the Spring book club series where we’ve walked through my latest book, The Burden of Better: How a Comparison-Free Life Leads to Joy, Peace, and Rest. In this episode, we talk about ways to have more joy, contentment, peace, and how to find rest. Heather walks through the final section of the book which is dedicated to these topics and we discuss how our idols (and our ideals) lie to us when they tell us they can give us the joy, peace, and rest that only Jesus can deliver.

Here are some other concepts we discuss in today’s episode about joy, peace, and rest:

  • Heather answers a listener’s question about how to really grasp the concept of grace.
  • Heather talks about how gratitude is more than just being thankful for a good parking space.
  • We look at complaining and discuss the only biblical way we can “complain” which is lament.
  • Heather tackles the topic of social media and how it can steal our joy (especially on vacation).
  • You’ll hear practical ideas for finding more joy, peace, and true rest.

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