This is the first in a series of three, monthly episodes where we’ll talk about my latest book, The Burden of Better. Even if you’ve read it, these book club episodes go deeper and wider than what was captured in the book. Today we discuss the first part of the book–which goes into why we compare, the dangers of comparison, and what really happens when we chase our ideals and try to become more like the “ideal me.” We also talk about the following:

  • What does it mean to chase better?
  • Why do we chase better in some areas than in others? (Heather shares how she doesn’t obsess over being a better wife, but has obsessed over having a better body!)
  • Similarly, why are we tempted to compare ourselves in some areas and not other areas?
  • We talk about how this is not a burden that God puts on us, this is a burden that we choose to carry for ourselves.
  • Why trying to become more like our ideals–or trying to be more like what I “expect” of myself or my life–can keep us stuck carrying this burden.
  • Are ideals bad? Good? Do our ideals lead us closer to Jesus or further away from him?

Ready to Break Up With Your Ideals?

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Ideals become idols