One Habit That Will Destroy Your Body Image: Your Media (Day 17)

by | Apr 28, 2021 | Spring Break Free Course

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Is there one habit that’s potentially worse than all others for your body image? I think so.

This habit will destroy your body image. Even if you make progress . . .if you slip back into doing this, you’ll likely find yourself right back in the pit of despair over your looks and size.

What am I talking about?

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Questions for reflection:

What do you think of today’s video? Do you think that Heather’s points are right or do you think it’s okay to keep these habits? Write your response below (in the comments section) if you are comfortable, and let’s start a conversation about this important topic!


  1. Betsy S

    This video has touched right in my core. You saying that is this healthy or holy?! Wow, what power does just asking that question help with any issue or conflict. With comparing it to the porno issues with the male gender has put it in greater perspective the power of media; although, I somewhat relaxed this awhile ago in my own life. I gave up social media a few years ago bc I knew how it made me feel. Gross, unworthy, ugly, fat, etc. present day I do occasionally log in to Facebook because that is the the only way at times to get the info I need. But it sucks me into the dark hole always! It’s so hard to not compare myself to others. But just as you reminded me, having the garbage media, television and magazines as well, hinders my progress and self assurance of the perfectly wonderfully made daughter of the King that I am! I just recently stumbled on your website and am a newbie to your blog, but just know a little small town SAHM about to be 30, dealing with the same issues I had in high school, has been touched tremendously by your effort and Truths about real life! You just will never know how much in such little time, you have helped me feel peace I never thought I would have! Thanks you! May God continue to bless you and your ministries to touch women and girls dealing with our issues! It’s like I have a new girlfriend that is parallel to me! Thank you again, God bless!

    • Heather Creekmore

      Aww…Betsy you made me cry! Thank you for sharing all that. I’m so encouraged that the video ministered to you! And, yes, though we may not know each other in real life, you DEFINITELY have a friend here that gets it! 🙂 May God continue to bless and help you on the journey to finding greater confidence in and through Him! Hugs!


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