Have you ever looked at a model and thought, “If I could just look like that than I wouldn’t struggle with my body image?” I have. I interview Amanda Cunningham, a former runway model who shares some behind the scenes details of what the world of modeling is really like and how being a part of it affected her body image and relationship with food. Guess what: Models have body image issues, too! Today, Amanda shares how her search for something real, something more than just image, eventually led her to check out a church and how she found new life and real meaning through a relationship with Jesus. This is the first episode in our new series on models, modeling, and what we can learn from the women who have had the “magazine cover” look and still struggled with body image.

Do Models Have Body Image Issues, Too? Here are Some Secrets Revealed in Today’s Show:

  • Amanda shares how she got into modeling and how models have body image issues, too.
  • Amanda talks about the pressure involved in modeling–feeling like your body had to always be perfect and recognizing that every job could make or break your career.
  • Amanda reveals how everything in modeling revolves around the designer’s sample sizes — which are usually a size 0-2. And how challenging it is for many women over to naturally maintain the size and shape of a teenager’s body in order to fit in the samples for the shows.
  • We talk about the reality that so many women in modeling are struggling with food, drugs, or even depression–how the image or the “picture” doesn’t match what’s really going on inside for many women in the industry.
  • Amanda shares her story of a failed marriage, depression, and wondering what she would or could do once her modeling career ended.

Come back for part two on Friday when Amanda shares her story and what finally drove her out of the modeling business, how God touched the hearts of both her and her new husband to begin to follow Jesus. Plus: Amanda shares how she talks to her daughters about image and modeling.

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models have body image issues too