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by | Feb 7, 2017 | Identity

It’s not often that I find a book on the topic of self-image, body image and confidence that I really enjoy and am happy to endorse. But, this month I found one. And, I’m thrilled to highly recommend that you read “I Am” by Michele Cushatt.

The book is a sixty day journey through the different aspects of our identity. It’s sixty short stories and applications that even those who don’t love to read can get through with ease. Woven through each story you’ll find an important theme: a reminder that our value does’t come from our achievements, talents, relationships, or appearance. Rather it comes from a God who loves us and chose us as His own.

What I appreciate most about this book is Michele’s answer to our deepest identity question (“Am I enough?”) is one that’s not rooted in banal self-esteem platitudes. It’s rooted in scripture and in the premise that it’s not “what” gives us our worth, but, rather, WHO gives us our worth.

Yes, I kinda love that. Sounds like what we talk about here on Compared to Who?! Right? You’ll find the same theme in my book when it comes out this June!

I’d like to say that I enjoyed this collection of sixty stories over the course of two months, spending each day doing my own in depth study in conjunction with the book’s topic. But, that would be a total lie. I read it in about two days. (Keeping a steady pace isn’t my strong suit.)

Truth is, this isn’t my first Michele Cushatt book to devour quickly. Her first book, Undone, took me about three hours (and a half gallon of tears) to complete. I found this memoir encouraging, heart-breaking and heart-melting–all at once! It’s a story that any reader of fiction or non-fiction would love. 
Michele’s personal journey is part of what makes this book so engaging. She’s suffered a great deal and yet, still serves and ministers in amazing ways.

I don’t want to give away too much of the book. Just go buy your own copy and take the journey. You’ll be tremendously blessed by it! (You can thank me later!)

(**This post contains affiliate links. Should you choose to buy either of these books through Amazon links above, you’ll be making a small contribution to the ministry of Compared to Who?)

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