Most of us hate that “out of control” feeling. That’s why diets are so appealing. They give us a plan and help us feel like we are in control. When we’re “off” the diet we feel out of control, so we try another diet or “health plan” so we can feel our sense of control restored. Today we tackle the truth behind why our eating patterns are disrupted by diets and overly controlling behaviors. We look a bit at the science as to why we feel like we can’t be “trusted” around food or are “out of control” when we go off a diet. We also talk about how there is a way to eat and enjoy food and feel in control, without being on a specific food plan. If you struggle with swinging from “in control” to “out of control” around food and if you long to have freedom in this arena, today’s show is a great first step for you!

Do you feel out of control with food when you’re not on a diet? You’re not alone. But what if that out of control feeling is really more about your body trying to get what it’s been missing out on while you were following your plan? We tend to believe we have so much control over our bodies, yet our bodies want what they want and are determined to help us stay alive! What if our bodies craving for foods or certain foods isn’t a problem to be tamed but a good and necessary part of our biology!

Let me know what you think after you listen to this episode! You don’t have to control food to be free around food!

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Lies we believe not controlling food means out of control with food