Maybe perfect isn’t what you’re going for, but have you ever believed the lie that you needed to get BETTER before you could pursue something? Whether it was getting your body “better” before you volunteer at church or getting your house “better” before you sign up to host a Bible study, many of us have believed the lie that we’ll be able to start walking in our God-given purpose as soon as we do a little self-perfecting.

But look at the Bible. It’s clear from scripture that God only uses imperfect people. That pressure to perfect ourselves or our homes or our children before we can start living on purpose for him, is just a lie. And, it’s a lie that stops a lot of women from serving and feeling alive in the body God gave them because they are convinced it’s not “good enough” yet to be used to serve God. It’s just a lie.

Today we tackle this lie. Why do we believe that becoming more perfect helps us find our purpose? Or that perfection or “better” has to precede us walking in our purpose? Who actually tells us this lie and keeps us stuck chasing it instead of walking in what we were created to do? It’s not God!

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perfect before purpose Lies we believe we have to be more perfect before we can find our purpose

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