Today’s lie is one that most of us aren’t even conscious of. And yet, how often do we find ourselves changing clothes a dozen times before we see people or stressing over how we look or what we said? Could it be that the reason we stress is that we’re worried about what image we are portraying? Are we concerned that if we don’t look or act like we believe we should, people won’t think of us in the way we want them to? I don’t know about you, but this has been a big struggle for me. The lie I’ve believed is that I can control what others think of me. But it’s just not true. I can act the way I think they’d prefer me to act, I can look the way I think they’d prefer me to look, and they could still draw conclusions about me that I’d rather them not!

Is it true? Can a “better image” control what other people think of us? Or is this just another lie we get caught believing?

In today’s episode: Lies We Believe, I Can Control What Others Think of Me we tackle these topics and more!


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I control what other people think of me - part of the Lies We Believe series