Do you want to be appreciated or do you want to be approved of? These two words sound similar, but we don’t often think about their differences. Yet, when we confuse appreciation and approval, we can send our hearts on a wild goose chase after something they already have in Christ! If you’ve ever felt under appreciated or lived for the compliments and kudos of others, this episode will encourage you and help you navigate the tricky nuance between these two concepts: appreciation and approval.

In today’s show we talk about how appreciation and approval are different and how looking for appreciation from a place of knowing and understanding our approval in Christ can make appreciation that much sweeter. If you’re concerned that you aren’t appreciated like you used to be, or maybe you don’t get the compliments you used to get or wish you would get –it’s important to understand these two concepts–appreciation and approval–and how to tell them apart!

Don’t confuse approval and appreciation!

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appreciation and approval don't confuse these two words