You don’t need more advice on how to love yourself better. Do you?

I sure didn’t. I knew all the cliches like, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts.”

I knew I should just stare in the mirror until I found something I liked about myself. (Then, somehow, the recognition of my awesome eyebrows would magically take away all the shame I felt over my thick thighs.)

It never worked for me. Ever.

I needed some solid, biblical advice that could actually cure my body image woe.

Friends, I know some of you can relate. You’ve written me kind notes, sharing your struggles in this arena too.

Now, I need you to ask for your help. I need you to help me tell other women the same truth you’re reading on this blog each week. I’m praying some of you excellent “news sharers” will help me spread the word about my brand new book.

It’s also called “Compared to Who?” (Sorry grammarians, I know this still bothers you. . . ).

I’m as giddy as a fourteen-year-old gushing over her first crush. I know you aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover, but I just love the way the cover turned out. Compared to Who Book 3d Image

I’ll be telling you lots more about the book as we closer to the launch.

Today, I want to ask some of you most excellent news spreaders for your help.

If you are:

  • Very active on social media or have a blog of your own
  • Have a large circle of widespread friends, colleagues and acquaintances
  • Are willing to post at least six times about the book on your social media channels within a six week period.
  • Live in the United States and have mostly U.S. friends, connections and followers,
  • And, have a lot of enthusiasm for this topic and helping women find freedom  . . .

Then, I need  you to apply to be a part of the Compared to Who launch team!

I hope that ALL our readers will help spread the word about this book! But launch team members will be committed to doing a certain amount of work on a set schedule. Their commitment is a tad more formal, but they’ll also receive a free copy of the book and some other goodies to thank them for their service.

Interested? For more details or to apply for the launch team, please click here.

Those chosen for the team will be notified by the end of April! 

And, stay tuned . . .in the next few weeks I’ll be sharing with your the book’s INCREDIBLE trailer featuring amazing women who were willing to bare their SOULS for this video. Oh, it’s awesome. . .