Heather talks with Dr. Aimie Apiagan, MD, MS, MPH, a medical doctor who has committed her life’s work to studying how trauma impacts our physical bodies.  In today’s show, Dr. Aimie shares her own experiences with trauma, revealing patterns of disordered eating and the connection between trauma and how our bodies respond. Dr. Aimie offers a helpful and understandable definition for trauma as experiences that overwhelm us. She discusses how often we store these experiences away for future review yet never get back to processing it and the toll this “storing” of the traumas has on our bodies. Throughout the conversation, the hosts stress the importance of understanding and healing trauma, particularly for individuals struggling with body image issues.

Also covered in this episode:
*Why women may turn to over-exercising or specifically to running when there is unprocessed trauma. 

*How Dr. Aimie sees how she used food in childhood to cover for her traumatic experiences she couldn’t recognize or understand.

*Why talk therapy alone is not enough to fully heal trauma.

*How health symptoms can sometimes be related to unprocessed or stored trauma.

*Why many people believe they’re just battling stress but they could be battling stored trauma.

Learn more about Dr. Aimie and her work here: https://www.traumahealingaccelerated.com

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