Today Heather talks to Ashley Smith from the HA Society – a powerful advocate for women who are struggling with hormone issues surrounding fertility, loss of cycle, early menopause diagnoses, and body image issues. Ashley shares her story and how her own experience has led her to a ministry and coaching business where she helps women get pregnant (without IVF), regain their cycle, and make peace with their bodies and food.

Today Ashley and Heather talk about:

  • Heather shares her story of having HA without knowing what she had or why she was missing her period.
  • Ashley shares her story of trying to perfect her body, and “get healthy” and how that led her to losing her cycle and other physical issues.
  • What Hypothalamic Amenorrhea is (loss of cycle do to a suppressed hormone production) and why it’s not a permanent condition.
  • How estrogen/progesterone are important to your entire body.
  • Why women are being diagnosed as peri or pre-menopausal in their thirties
  • How HA gets frequently mistaken for PCOS.
  • The impact of disordered eating on the thyroid-and how you can feel wired and tired.
  • Learn more about Ashley and the work of the HA society here:

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