Today Heather chats with Travis Stewart. Travis revisits the “core desires of the heart” that we discussed in a previous episode before digging into today’s topic: Fantasy.

Travis explains how we put baggage with fantasy, but how imagination is a God given gift and how we may be able to use it to help understand ourselves better. In 2009, an Australian University, they studied the “thin ideal” and how it affects the women who see these images. Travis explains what this study found when the women were asked to compare themselves to these images and asked to fantasize that they are the women in the images.

Comparison led to worse body image, but those who fantasized had a different and surprising outcome.

Travis explains how it’s not that we just want a “better body” but that we want what getting that “better body” will give me… how will it make me feel.

Travis continued to explain how using an ideal image exercise can help us find what we’re really longing for underneath our body image issues. Fantasy can teach us a lot about our unmet needs, our strategies, and our longings, and this can lead us to Jesus. We can ask what we are running from, and what we are running towards and get curious about both of these things.

They also talk about “taking thoughts captive” and what that really means to us as Christians. He challenges us to dig into our stories and ask ourselves questions. Heather asks how we can feel safe while being curious, and Travis gives a great response.

Travis shares the “Litany of Humility” and how it has helped him to pray it every day.

Travis gave a parting assignment to you. Here’s the task: Travis gave a parting assignment to you. What does your ideal body look like? Why are you focused on some features but not others? What’s the meaning behind the size or features of your perfect body? Who would notice you? What would the perfect day be like? What does that teach you about yourself and your wounds and longings? Don’t have a judgmental stance – just be curious! Email Heather ( with what you learned if you need someone to share it with! 

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