One of the largest obstacles to overcome when you release your body image issues and improve your relationship with food is facing the fear of losing your health. Chances are, you’ve listened to and read all the data about what happens unless you tightly control your food, your environment, your exercise… everything really. Reality is: there are a thousand reasons to be afraid of what’s out there. And, there’s only one reason to not be afraid. That is: Jesus. He commands us to fear not. And that includes the fear of losing our health.

So how can we start to improve our relationship with food and our bodies while learning to trust him to lead us and guide us in the arena of health. Even if we do all the right “things” and follow everyone’s rules (which, candidly, is an impossible task)–we still have no guarantee that our bodies will do what we want them to do.

Today, I talk to Trudy Lonesky, author and host of the Kingdom Mamas Podcast. She shares her amazing story of going from orthorexic-style clean living and eating and extreme exercise that took her to body building competitions to rebuilding her relationship with food and her body in a rightly ordered way. Trudy shares her fears about losing her health along the way and how she’s learning to trust God in this arena. If you fear losing your health if you give up all your food rules and diet plans, today’s episode is for you.

Here are some things we talk about today in the context of the fear of losing your health:

  • What to do when your family history of weight-related diseases is shouting to you to get on another diet.
  • What to do when your husband doesn’t understand what you’re doing with your food and diet.
  • Trudy shares how working through a new relationship with food has been a process in her marriage.
  • How to handle it when someone’s words about your body or weight stick with you.
  • How Trudy went from having an all-or-nothing mentality when it came to eating clean (and then bingeing) to having a healthier relationship with food.

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