Tune Into Him Pray Everyday Series – Daily Prayers for Body Image

Did you join us for the pray every day series where we focused on how to improve our body image through spending time in intentional prayer, every day?

The focus of this prayer for your body image series was to help us TUNE OUT the messages of culture and TUNE IN to the truth of the Bible. Each week day we tackled a different topic like praying for faith that God can help body image issues, praying for prayer from condemnation, guilt, and shame, and praying for our relationship with food! If you missed any in this series, they are all listed below. It’s 22 days worth of content. Decide to listen every day for a month whenever your body image needs a boost! If you’re a Christian woman who struggles with body image issues, this series was designed just for you. Consider asking a friend to listen along with you and together, discuss each day’s content. What a wonderful way to connect and grow with an accountability partner!

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Here are the episodes that are part of this praying for your body image daily series, in order of release: