Today is the start of a new month-long series about conquering our fears related to body image and food. Nicole Mesita, a non-diet RD, joins me to tackle our first issue: Conquering the Fear of Fat.

The data surrounding this issue is astounding. Some studies show 63% of American women and 44% of American men are afraid of becoming fat. Eighty-one percent of ten-year-olds also are facing the fear of fat. But is there anything to really be afraid of? Where did this fear of fat come from? What does the Bible say about being afraid of fat? We tackle these issues and more in this episode.

Do you struggle with the Fear of Fat? If so, this episode is for you. We also discuss:

  • How to get your focus off of your weight to find true health.
  • Why gluttony may not be the American definition of “overeating”
  • The connection between higher weights and living longer, disease endurance
  • What diet culture is and how it’s impacted our thinking
  • What you do when you feel or look like you’ve gained weight.

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