If you’re familiar with scripture, you’ve likely heard the instruction to be transformed by the renewing your mind–an instruction from Romans 12. But how do we renew our minds? What does it look like to renew our minds in the body image arena? Is changing how you think about your body even possible?

Today Heather talks with Barb Raveling about all sorts of helpful things in this arena. Barb instructs us how to renew our minds from a macro perspective, and from a micro-perspective. Barb even walks Heather through an exercise of how she would change what she thinks and the action she takes after she feels like she’s been overeating and gained weight.

Here are a few other things we talk about in relation to changing how you think about your body:

  • How do we stop condemning ourselves for the way our bodies look.
  • What practical habits do we need to change or add so we can be in the regular practice of renewing our minds.
  • How we have to capture our thoughts before we can change them.
  • What do you do when your brain defaults to,  “I’m horrible unless I look like that” mode.
  • Why most people don’t really care what we look like (even if we’re obsessing over it.)
  • How the “high school cheerleader” scenario may teach us something about our value and our bodies.
  • Asking the question: “Can I believe that what God says about me is what’s most important?”
  • How to have weapons prepared to fight before you go in the spiral and once it starts!

There’s so much good stuff in this episode, you just may want to listen twice. Learn more about Barb and check out her renewing the mind tools or learn more about her Renewing of the Mind book here: https://amzn.to/3Fqi65U (Amazon affiliate link. A tiny portion of your purchase goes to Compared to Who’s ministry.)

Plus check out Barb’s brand new Bible study on the book of James here. 

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