Can I Trust God?

by | Oct 1, 2015 | Body Image, Christian Living

We spent the greater part of the season house hunting. Can I just tell your that HGTV makes house hunting look super fun?

But, that’s not exactly accurate. Shopping for a new home is stressful. Seriously stressful.

You go out looking with a certain idea of what kind of home you’d like . . .only to find that your ideal home exists only in two places–HGTV and Pinterst. And, that ideal home costs about $200,000 more than you’ll make. Ever.

Then a ping pong tournament begins in your brain. The back and forth of “what do we really need” versus “wow, it would be nice to have this in a new home.” There’s the feeling of excitement when you schedule a showing for a home new to the market, only to be let down when you walk through and find out that the space smells horrible or the photos did an awesome job masking the cracks in the wall or messed up flooring.

It’s an up and down yo yo between possibility and despair . . . and it all begs one question:

Can I really trust God?

In the case of house hunting, I call into question God’s goodness and His sovereignty. Will He really lead me to the best home for our family? Does He really care about where we live? Will He help us find the location that will, ultimately, be best? Or, more generally,

Can I trust God to meet my needs? 3642952588_6f6aa02640_m

In some ways this is the root question of our body image issues, too. Can I trust God to love me, take care of me, provide for me? Or, must I strive to look like culture’s definition of beauty to find my own love…provision…and protection?

Do I buy the beauty lie that says if I’m beautiful, my life will be better? Or, can I trust what God’s word says about true and lasting beauty? Do I believe that the eternal matters more than the here and now?

Buried within all those questions is the same one I’m wrestling with in our attempt to find a new home: Can I really trust Him? Will He really provide?

If you are wrestling with this question, can we pray this together today?

Dear God, please reveal to us today a clearer sense of your presence and love today. Draw us close to your heart so we can lay our anxiety and worries at your feet and know that you do, indeed, love us beyond what we can fathom. Remind us that the whole world is in your hands and that you are, indeed, trustworthy. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

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  1. Amanda Wihebrink

    We house hunted for almost a year and finally bought this past June. It is NOT at all fun! Instead of the whirlwind of homes I pictured myself skipping through it was more like “OK, so here are the 2 homes in your price range”.

    I got pretty depressed about it for a bit then decided that if this was not the year we were meant to buy a house, that I would be OK with that.

    Once I gave it up to God something cool happened….we were given a gift that allowed us to increase our budget a bit and then a great house came on the market!

    You will find the right place when the timing is right. Good luck, Heather!


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