Body Image is Your Beast

You are battling the body image beast!

Somedays it feels like you are in the fight of your life to not be consumed by the pressures to lose weight or change your appearance to meet culture’s impossible standard.

You may battle a full blown eating disorder or you may just have an anthem of negative thoughts and lies about your appearance and worth charging through your head most of the day.

The enemy lies to you, a lot, and tells you that you aren’t worthy or you need to look different in order to be worthy of love. You need help battling these lies. You could also use some encouragement, daily, that–through Christ–you are enough and that Jesus love for you will never change.

Here are some things you can do to start defeating this beast today:

First, Get this book: Compared to Who? It’s not like other Christian books on body image. It’s not filled with cliche and things you’ve heard before. The questions at the end of each chapter are a great place to start working through the root cause of your body image issues. If your struggles stem from you comparing yourself to other people a lot, you may want to start with my newest book, The Burden of Better– You can read the first two chapters of the book here if you want a sample first!

Next: Subscribe and listen to the Compared to Who? podcast or watch the podcasts on You Tube (and subscribe). You’ll know you aren’t alone. Every week we talk about these issues from a Gospel-centered perspective. We talk about the struggles body image issues can cause in every area of life–from getting dressed to going out to dinner to marriage and relationships–and, literally, everything in between. You are going to love how real and relatable this show is!

Then: Make sure you’ve added Compared to Who? to your address book so my encouragement emails can get through! I won’t spam you – I usually only send 3 a month. But, this is a great way for us to stay connected!

PLUS: Consider joining the ReFOCUS 21 group or signing up for individual coaching. Seek out friends who you can talk to about your struggles and who will actively pray with and for you on this front.

Do not lose heart!

God can set you free from this body image beast!

At Compared to Who, we’re here to help!

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