This is part two of an interview with the amazing Francie Winslow, a bold woman of God who hosts a podcast about sex in marriage! Go listen to part one of this interview first before you dig into today’s great show!

Heather and Francie cover a lot of ground today, talking about what to do if body image issues are impacting your sex life. Here are 3 key takeaways from this episode:

  1. Sex is connected to our entire life story: It’s not just a disconnected act, but rather an opportunity for naked vulnerability and acceptance, mirroring the love and grace found in the gospel. Let’s shift the focus from the culture of pornography and physical pleasure to experiencing love and oneness, resulting in a life-giving and fulfilling sexual journey.
  2. Nourishing our bodies and souls: Our bodies are sacred and temples of God. Let’s embrace them as vessels of God’s spirit and recognize that pleasure and intimacy are God’s provisions for healing and nourishment. Reclaim your body as something good that God created and see sex as an act of worship. Let’s break the silence and stigma surrounding this important topic and create a healthy dialogue within our faith communities.
  3. Overcoming challenges: Whether you’re struggling with vaginismus, dealing with the aftermath of purity culture, or seeking to strengthen your connection with your partner, there is hope and support available. There are practical resources available to help address and heal sexual challenges. It’s time to understand the spiritual connection to our bodies for breakthroughs in our sexual journeys in marriage.

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