What’s Better Than Breaking the Glass Ceiling

by | Nov 15, 2016 | Christian Living, Helping Daughter with Body Image, Identity

Several of my friends wriggle with fret over the outcome of last week’s election. “The glass ceiling stays intact. What will we tell our daughters?”

I’m not concerned.

What women need more than a shattered glass ceiling is a rock solid floor.

Allow me to explain.

As I assess the status of women in this great country, I see an epidemic caused by insecurity, competition and confusion over where value derives. I don’t see women held back by men (though I’m not oblivious to oppression), but more so I see women held down by their own inability to seek God for their purpose. We fret over nail polish and worry whether we’re “too fat” to do anything meaningful. Ogling celebrities, we idolize beauty and fight to earn Super-mom capes.

We miss that the source of empowerment is not the right figure, clothing, title or schedule. The fuel that propels us to amazing opportunities comes from Christ alone.

What if we moms of growing daughters could securely root our identities in Jesus? What if we looked in the mirror and knew, without a doubt, that our value came from Him. If we passed this heritage on to our daughters, there is no limit to what they could accomplish.

I think of Esther. She had no one to cut a path ahead of her. She simply practiced obedience. With a brave face and a nervous stomach, she approached the throne of the king without invitation. This could have–should have– meant her death. Yet, she risked it for the cause she knew God laid before her: saving the Jewish people.

Talk about a political powerhouse. No public policy degree could have prepared her for that moment. She broke that glass ceiling with a smile not a hammer.Compared to Who breaking glass ceiling

If God wants your daughter (or you!) to be President, it’s not beyond him. God has amazing plans for women who seek him. But, more important than praying a politician will open that path for our girls, is leading them to the path maker. When we teach our daughters to put their trust in Him and to rely on Him to lead, guide and provide, they don’t have to depend on a movement for their future. They know, with certainty, that God will make a way.

What if we encourage our daughters with this truism: Whatever God has called you to do, that’s what He will gift, equip, and empower you to do.

If we help our daughters find their identity in Jesus, and instill in them the confidence that comes from him alone, they will be able to accomplish whatever He wills.

P.S. The same applies to their moms.

It’s that simple.

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