In today’s episode, we continue discussing the existence of evil and the spiritual battles we face daily including our battle with body image issues. As believers, Heather stresses the importance of surrendering control to God and relying on His divine protection and using our authority in the name of Jesus to tell the enemy to flee. Throughout the episode, Heather addresses the concept of spiritual warfare, highlighting that as Christians, we cannot be demon-possessed if we believe in Jesus and have the Holy Spirit living inside us. However, she acknowledges that we can still experience oppression and encounter demonic activity around us. She discusses the devil’s goal of stealing, killing, and destroying (John 10:10) and emphasizes the need to recognize and confront spiritual battles in every aspect of life. Drawing from Paul Tripp’s teachings on Ephesians 6, Heather explains that the struggle is not against other people but against the demonic world. She challenges listeners to approach life as if they are at war and to rely on God’s truth and authority. She asserts that these struggles are not solely physical but also spiritual, highlighting the battle between God’s truth and Satan’s deception. Heather shares her own struggles with body image and emphasizes that the devil is the deceiver.

Here’s the Tim Keller sermon Heather references:

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