Hey friend! Are you looking for a podcast for Christian women that will improve your body image and help you stop comparing yourself to others? Author, speaker, and Christian body image expert Heather Creekmore will make you laugh, encourage you with biblical truth, and help set you on the way to healing your heart from the scars of body image issues, disordered eating, and insecurity. If you’re ready to stop comparing and start living, then this is a Christian podcast you’ll want to subscribe to! Check out the full list of episodes below. Or find Compared to Who? the podcast wherever you listen to podcasts the most!

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Season 1

Episode One: This is an introduction to Compared to Who? where I share my story of walking out of body image and comparison shame and frustration! If you’re new here – you’ll want to listen to this first episode.

Episode Two: What is Body Image Idolatry? In this episode I introduce the concept of body image idolatry. We so often think our body image issues are just problems with our bodies, but there is a secret, hidden problem that, until it’s addressed, you can be a size 2 or a size 22 and you’ll still struggle with body image shame.

Episode Three: New Year, New You. In this episode I talk about the concept of reinvention. Do women really need to “reinvent” themselves every year? Is that even a biblical principle? Can you have goals and meet them this year without having to feel like you need an entirely new you? Listen and see!

Episode Four: Habits that Keep Us Stuck. Here we get down and dirty  . . . digging into places we all hate to go — our habits! Are there things we do everyday that are keeping us trapped in our body image issues? If so, what can or should we do to find new freedom?

Episode Five: Fear and Body Image Issues: Is fear what’s really keeping you stuck? Find out here.

Episode Six: Finding Joy and Overcoming Body Image and Comparison Issues: Do you have joy? Real joy? Could joy be part of the key to unlocking the prison of body image and comparison? We discuss the ways embracing joy can help here.

Episode Seven: Is Comparison Killing You? Oh friend, comparison is a killer.It kills relationships. It kills joy. It kills contentment. How do you know if it’s killing you? Listen to find out.

Episode Eight: How to Find Your Purpose. Purpose can sound so lofty and “amorphous.” How can finding purpose even really help cure my other struggles with body image or comparison? This episode will tie it all together and you may be surprised to find how purpose can be part of the cure.

Episode Nine: What About Leah? Body Image and Comparison in the Rachel & Leah Story. Leah wasn’t hot. Why do so many Bible teachers brush over this truth? Doesn’t it make sense to examine why the God of the universe makes this distinction in the Bible? Fascinating truths here. **RANKED A BEST EPISODE**

Episode Ten: How to Handle Body Image Flare Ups. So, you’re doing okay. Thinking you’re beating this body image beast and then, boom, stress happens. And all of a sudden you find yourself stressing over your weight or appearance again too. Here’s what to do when the body image beast tries to flare.

Beat body image. Listen to compared to who the podcast for Christian women who want freedom from comparison and body image issues.Season 2

Episode One: Back to Routine Time: How to Succeed with New Habits & Rhthyms

Episode Two: Is Self Love Biblical?

Episode Three: What to Do When You Feel Like You Don’t Fit In?

Episode Four: What You Think About Other People Matters. How’s Your Thought Life?

Episode Five: How to Hush the Hustle Part 1

Episode Six: How to Hush the Hustle Part 2

Episode Seven: Making Peace with Your Body, Interview with Jen DeFrates from Heaven not Harvard.

Episode Eight: What to Do if You Have CDD–Chronic Disappointment Disorder? 

Episode Nine: Bad Hair Cuts and Bad Days: What to Do if You Stress Over Your Hair

Episode Ten: Identity, Depression & Anxiety – Interview with Author Dr. Michelle Bengtson

Episode Eleven: How to Stop Troubleshooting Your Life 

Episode Twelve: Aiming to Bless Not Impress, Interview with Author Richella Parham

Episode Thirteen: The Burden of Busyness Part 1

Episode Fourteen: The Burden of Busyness Part 2 

Episode Fifteen: Compared to Who? Book Preview– Audio Chapters

List of Christian podcasts to help defeat comparison and help body image and insecurity

Season 3

Episode One: New  Year, ReNEWed You

Episode Two: Real Women, Real Hope: Mindy Picken’s Story How Uncovering Idolatry Changed My Life.

Episode Three: Real Women, Real Hope: Cheri Fletcher’s Story How Discovering My Purpose Helped me Find Freedom

Episode Four: Real Women, Real Hope: Rebekah Buege’s Story Physical Beauty Can’t Be Your Ultimate Achievement

Episode Five: Real Women, Real Hope: Author Gina Butz on Handling & Accepting Change

Episode Six: Real Women, Real Hope: Erin Kerry on Mental Health, Diets, Marriage, and More

Episode Seven: Six Lent Ideas that Don’t Involve Food

Episode Eight: Author Christine Hoover on False Allegiances, Comparison, and Following the True King

Episode Nine: Real Women, Real Hope: Kristen Maddux on Daughters, Diets, and Modeling Healthy Body Image

Episode Ten: Helping Boys with Body Image and Body the Novel: Interview with Author Sean Coons

Compared to Who podcast for Christian women