Heather continues her conversations with Ashley Smith of the HA society about hormonal issues, infertility, and body image issues common among women she works with. Part two of this conversation goes far beyond the medical and fertility implications of disordered eating that often accompanies body image issues. Today, Heather and Ashley dig into what it really means to find body image freedom and how agreeing with God about how he made us is vital to that process. Together they discuss topics like:

Trying to achieve your ideal image.

Fear and surrender around body image, food, and even fertility

What it really means to be the “temple” of the Holy Spirit

Is it even possible to be happy in your body?

Why self- hatred may be the biggest (secret) idol of all.

At the end of today’s episode, Ashley gives specific instructions about when it’s time to get help with your HA (loss of cycle). Reach out to Ashley Smith at: www.thehasociety.com if you want coaching or help around your hormonal or fertility issues.