Wisdom Wednesdays: Stop Striving to Be More Beautiful the World’s Way

by | Apr 20, 2023 | Body Image, Christian Living

Here’s a great shareable image to encourage you and your friends today! Pin it, post it, or forward it to a friend who needs the reminder that her value is not found in her size. You’d be amazed how many women woke up struggling with their body image this morning. Who can you encourage today?

You don’t have to keep striving to be more beautiful the world’s way.

You are valuable.

You are accepted.

You are loved.

Because of Jesus.

Not your measurements.

Not your weight.

Not your reflection in the mirror.

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You don't have to keep striving to be beautiful because of Jesus you are already accepted and loved


  1. Larissa Seals

    I’m grateful for you, Heather, and all the other women on this site for encouraging one another with God’s Word! There is nothing more beautiful in a world full of hate.


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