Steps to Body Image Freedom for Christian Women

Have you ever felt desperate to change your body?

Are you sick of starting and “quitting” diets and exercise programs?

Do you know the truth about God’s love and yet still feel frustrated that you can’t shake body image issues?


If so, I get it. I was frustrated by my body image issues for decades. I was raised in the church. I knew all the biblical answers. Yet, I couldn’t find a way to stop stressing over my appearance. Nothing I tried ever worked.

But about ten years ago, God showed me the path out. He revealed to me truths from the Bible that I’d never before thought of in the context of my body image. My eyes were opened and my road to freedom began.

  • Instead of spending hours a day secretly thinking about diets, calories, my weight and changing my body–those voices in my head have silenced.
  • Instead of spending thousands a year on trying to “fix” all that’s “wrong” with my appearance, I’m free from the cycle of always buying the next new thing.
  • And, instead of spending my time comparing myself to other women, I’m free to live on purpose for the King.

Would you like to be free too?

Here’s the four step process I recommend.


Step 1 take the free body image awareness quiz


step 2 read the book compared to who



step 4 listen to the compared to who podcast


connect with Compared to who on social media


path to freedom from body image issues and insecurity


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