This month we’re talking about resolutions that will actually change your year and your life. One of the most important things we can decide to pursue each year is growth with God through Bible reading. But, it’s not always easy. Let’s be honest, sometimes it’s hard to get into God’s word. It may feel boring, it may be hard to understand, or we may not even know where to begin. Today we’ll talk about how to make Bible reading more interesting, or shall I say, spicy!

Today’s guest brings the spice! Stephanie Rousselle leads an organization called Gospel Spice and she has a podcast also called Gospel Spice. Stephanie helps people make their relationships with God “spicier” but shining light on the truth of the Gospel and uncovering just how flavorful that really is.

Today Stephanie and I talk about how to make Bible reading more interesting. Specifically we chat about:

  • Why being in God’s word everyday is important but how to change your perspective from thinking about it as a duty.
  • Why it can be hard for us to feel like the Bible is interesting to read.
  • How to reframe the way we think about reading the Bible so we can’t wait to dig in.
  • The reality of how distractions will happen when you try to read your Bible.
  • The importance of setting up a routine that works for your season and stage in life.

If you’re ready to start reading the Bible daily but aren’t sure where to start, check out Heather’s 10 day Bible Reading Plan on You Version, the Bible App. It’s a great place to start.

how to spice up your bible reading