Is a Five Minute Workout Long Enough?

If I told you in just five minutes a day (that’s right, five minutes) you could transform your body, would you believe me?

Probably not. Right? Anyone who knows a little something about exercise knows that it takes more than 5 minutes to see real results.

God reminded me of this truth on my run today. (Run may be a strong word for what I actually do out there.)

But, it’s those first five minutes that are always the hardest. During that time I remember everything I hate about running and try to convince myself that a five minute run really is long enough to “count” as exercise.

Then, the truth overwhelms me.

Five minutes a day. It’s not long enough to make a significant impact.

Staying in Spiritual Shape . . .

I was fine as long as God and I were just talking about my fitness patterns.

Okay, Lord. You’re right. I’ll run (run is a strong word, I’ll hobble with intermittent walking) for the full twenty-five. I surrender.

But then the image of my Bible app came to mind. How long does it take me to read my daily plan? (Choke. Cough.)

Um. . . Yeah.

Five minutes.

Five minutes a day. Many days that’s all I do. Some days it’s more. (Some days it’s less.) But, I’ve kept this in my mind as a threshold. If I could just do five minutes a day of Bible reading that’d be enough.

In just fine minutes a day I’d stay in spiritual shape.

Is it true?

2 Timothy 4:8 tells us that bodily exercise is of some good, but godliness is better. It has value in all aspects of life. Everything.

So, why would I determine that five minutes of exercise is unacceptable, while Bible time earns me a “Gold star?”

It’s truly a paradox.

God’s still working on me. How about you?

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