What Easter Speaks to Our Body Image Issues

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What does Easter speak to our body image? Easter means you can be free.

We all need the reminder that the cross is where our truth worth and value is derived.

We aren’t more loved by the Father when we are pretty, thin, or well put-together. We aren’t more valuable to Him when we are perfect-looking, perfect mothers, perfect wives, perfect daughters, or perfect friends.

He can’t love us anymore than he already does.

Jesus paid for my sin.

But he also paid for my shame.

Why should I hold on to body shame when he paid such a high price for it?


And, He promises not to love us any less.

Easter has so much to speak to our body image issues.

I recorded this video a few years ago as part of the Spring Break Free Series. You can join the whole series on this blog starting April 12th!


For more, read this post on what Easter speaks to our body image issues.

Questions for reflection:

Have you ever thought about the fact that your value is determined by Jesus? How does this strike you? Does this encourage you? Allow you to rest? This week: meditate on how Christ’s sacrifice and love for you determines your value. Journal about the ways you’ve searched for value elsewhere and write a letter to Jesus thanking him for paying so much to save you.


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  1. Erica

    I needed that reminder today!

  2. Kristin LeComte

    This was beautiful. What a beautiful message! Yes, yes, and yes!! “Value is determined by how much people are willing to pay”- Jesus paid it all! What great perspective to keep in mind!


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