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by | Apr 12, 2019 | Body Image, Christian Living

“Thank you! I’m looking forward to allowing God to love me like never before.”

Her message gave me goosebumps as I read it. I am excited and encouraged each time I hear from another woman ready to start a journey towards body image freedom. (Have a story to share? Tell me here!)

But the truth is, I have nothing to do with allowing God to do anything. He works on our behalf, always.

Yet, sometimes it doesn’t feel like He’s working. Neither does it look like it. I wonder what the disciples thought when they saw their teacher and their friend die on that cross.

It certainly must have looked like God was taking some time off, not paying attention. How could he be working .  .  .through death?

But what happened? Death preceded a resurrection–the only acceptable sacrifice for your sin and mine. Before we could be free, someone sinless had to die.

Before we can be free from what bogs us down in this life, something sinful has to die.

Something in us has to die so that we can be brought back to life and live free.Easter Romans Verse

For me, this death needed to come to my practice of body image idolatry. I’m ashamed to admit the ways my heart truly believed that I would be happier, more loved, more peaceful and “free” if I could only reach a certain size. I just knew that I’d feel safe and secure once the scale read 125 pounds or once my tag said size four. When it didn’t happen that way, I found myself in a crisis. Looking for something else to save me (marriage and then children).

I didn’t see my sin. Though I was raised in a Christian home and knew all the “right” Bible answers. I couldn’t see how hard I was working at a false form of salvation. My sin of pursuing a perfect body over pursuing Christ and his kingdom kept me from living free and feeling that joy and peace that only He offers.

This Easter, I pray you’ll more fully understand just how much God loves you. You are fully accepted and completely loved by Him, no matter what. He died, and rose again, so that you could have LIFE, not live in bondage to your body image or comparison or inadequacy.

You are enough because of what happened on Easter! His sacrifice and tremendous grace say you are loved beyond what you measure.

Yes, Easter means you are free. Embrace that freedom today!

Happy Easter!

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