Today we take a little break from our non-diet dietitians series to bring you more holiday specific content. Today’s show features my friend author Sarah Geringer–author, podcast host, artist, and mom of three. Sarah and I talk about boundaries and why boundaries are so important, especially for those of us prone to people pleasing and needing approval.

We also talk about:

-How to handle the holidays if you feel pulled in many directions and aren’t sure what to do.

-How scripture meditation can help your thought life.

-Sarah’s new book, Transforming Your Thought Life for Teens and how it can be a great resource for any teen you know.

-How being honest with Gen Z is the way they prefer it–they want to hear about your struggles.

Here are some resources mentioned during the show:

Sarah’s previous episode on Compared to Who?

Boundaries book by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend *Affiliate link

Connect with Sarah, get the free discussion guide, and learn more about her new book for teens here at

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