This may make you cry. I’m just warning you. I asked these friends (and friends of friends –yes, some women showed up at my house to do this that I didn’t even know!) to come and to write down what lie they hear most often when they look in the mirror. Wow!

That’s the kind of stuff  we women don’t say outloud. We don’t share those horrible thoughts with anyone, right? Well, these brave women wrote it down and then had it recorded for the world to see. Wow. I treasure them for putting words to what most women only keep secret.

Contributor Erin at behind the scenes Compared to Who

Here’s Compared to Who contributor Erin- her turn to show her words to the camera!

So, take some time and watch the BEHIND THE SCENES video with the incredible women who were part of the making of the COMPARED TO WHO book trailer (watch below!), one of the best new Christian books on body image. They share more of their stories. I think you’ll be moved. You’ll also laugh out loud at the way some of the women joked and goofed around to lighten the mood a bit. You’re going to really enjoy this! It’s hosted by Compared to Who contributor, Christine Salinas.

Use the link below to watch this video:



Didn’t get to see the book trailer yet? Watch it here:


Want to read a free chapter of the book? If you are a subscriber, use the link in one of the emails you’ve received in the past few week. If you are not a subscriber, drop your email in the box below and you’ll get a message within a minute or two with your link to Compared to Who’s introduction and Chapter 1: Click Here to Feel Better About Your Body!

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