Compared to Who? Poem by Amy Owens

by | Jan 17, 2018 | Body Image

I’d like to introduce you to Amy Owens, a poet in Ireland who put beautiful words and rhyme to the struggle with body image and comparison. I know they will touch your heart. Consider leaving a comment at the very bottom if they do! I know it would encourage Amy!

Compared to Who? A Poem

by Amy Owens, Heartbeat Poetry

Quiet tears in midnight hours

Fresh new wounds on deepened scars

Unknown arrows – without intent

Fly towards her though they weren’t meant

They just scratch the skin but like a disease

Quickly spread through her insecurities

Without being noticed she takes a back seat

Like a little snail would quickly retreat

Life goes on and no one knows

Her unbalanced equilibrium never shows

Or so she tries so hard to maintain

A sense of worth over again

She’s living for approval but doesn’t try

But she knows in these moments when she wants to cry

That it holds an importance she didn’t realise

As her mind searches for answers to how, ifs and why’s

Then God gently whispers I’ve made you to be YOU

You’re less important?? Compared to who??

Amy owens poetry Compared to WhoMeet Amy

My name is Amy Owens from Northern Ireland (the small green island people talk about) and I am 38 years old (yikes!). I have 4 boys – Joshua age 21, Matthew age 18, Nathan age 9 and Joel age 7. I have been married to William for 21 years (I know the maths barely adds up – I was married at 16). I love to capture moments through pictures and use words as a way to express how I am feeling and to share with others as a way of comfort and encouragement. I began to focus on writing when I was 19 and my mum and dad died two weeks apart. I always try to remember that each circumstance you go through in life is another string to your bow which allows you more music to play. Follow Heartbeat Poetry on Facebook. Buy Heartbeat poetry on Amazon. 

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poem about body image and comparison Compared to Who

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  1. Kassandra L Baker

    Beautiful! I can really relate to what she is saying here!


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