Announcing REFOCUS 2020: A Great Way to Help Your Health Resolutions Stick This Year

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ReFOCUS 2020 is a community that will run for 10 days – from January 6th to 16th on Facebook.

In it, certified Integrative Nutrition Coach, Erin Kerry and Author & Christian Body Image Expert, Heather Creekmore will lead you through daily exercises to help get your mind and heart ready for the new year.

Whether your goal is to lose weight, be more mindful of what you eat, or just feel healthier, physically, spiritually and emotionally this 10 day community can help you kick start your health goals this year.

Each day Erin will offer strategies to help you think about what you eat more holistically. She’ll encourage you with hacks to help you find what’s right, nutritionally, for your body.

Each day Heather will offer strategies to help you lay a solid, spiritual foundation for improving your body image and quitting comparison. Heather will encourage you with ways to improve your spiritual health so that your physical goals are easier to meet.

During the 10 day community, Erin and Heather will both be available to interact and answer your questions as we go. On Sunday evening, January 12, we’ll do a live Q&A to tackle any of your questions!

The price to participate is only $20. I addition to daily tips, challenges, and special video teachings, and a live Q&A with both of us. We’ll also be giving away some freebies to thank you for participating. You’ll receive Erin’s Fast Track Recipes Booklet (PDF) and you’ll receive a copy of Heather’s “Mountain Top Experience: A Personal Body Image Retreat” (PDF). We’ll also have a few fun giveaways to keep you engaged and motivated!


Want to learn more? Visit the Compared to Who? Facebook Page and sign up before January 4th!

REFOCUS 2020: Give your resolutions what they need to stick


  1. Melissa Araujo

    I just signed up through the link (payed the fee). What do I do next?

    • Heather Creekmore

      I’ll get you an email out within the hour with next steps! You’ll want to join the group on FB tonight so you’re ready for tomorrow! 🙂 Glad you’re a part!

  2. Kaye

    Hi Kerry,

    Ok I signed up. Not sure how this works but I’m interested.

    • Heather Creekmore

      Hi Kaye! Did you sign up through Erin? If not, drop me an email at heather (at) compared to who (dot) me and I’ll get you what you need to sign up!

      • Kaye Carder

        I did sign up thru Erin. And I just took the test or evaluation on how I feel about my body image.


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