Maybe you were homeschooling long before the letters COVID ever took over the globe. Or, maybe you’re trying it this year for the first time and not sure what the rest of this year holds. Either way, homeschool moms – this new book, “The Burden of Better” is for you. Here’s why.

Homeschooling creates so many “special” opportunities for us to compare our children… and ourselves as “teachers” with others. You can cruise through your morning, feeling pretty good about your child’s progress and then, BOOM! You get on Insta and find out that your friend’s child is two grades ahead in math. Or, her daughter is doing a special online course to improve her writing skills… Or, her son just earned a perfect score on his SAT… And, suddenly, you feel like you’re failing. Are my children behind? Am I not doing enough? Should we be doing “BETTER” in our homeschooling?

Oh friend, I’ve been there. In fact, I’d say the number one thing we homeschool moms have in common is our tendency to ask ourselves this question, “Am I doing enough?”

Granted, some days we may need to step up our game. But most of the time, these worries are unfounded. The gentle yet focused nature of homeschooling allows us to help our child learn in the ways that suit them the best. To compare our children, how, or what they are learning to those around us is always futile. And, it harms our efforts!

Maybe you’ve experienced it? You feel weighed down by the “burden” of better and you watch it sneak into the serenity of your routine! It interrupts the peace around our dining room tables or in our school rooms. It takes small victories (“Yay, you read that sentence!”) and turns them into insufficiencies (“Why can’t you be as fluent in reading as THAT child?”). Comparison will absolutely drive us bonkers in the realm of homeschooling. But, more than that, comparison can actually harm our relationships with our children and the strong bond that schooling at home can form.

There’s not a switch you can flip to suddenly stop comparing. But, there is a path you can follow to find freedom from the extra pressure comparison puts on the homeschool mom. It’s called grace and gratitude. In my new book, I talk all about the ways that we can incorporate more grace and more gratitude into every aspect of our lives… Homeschool moms: Join me in this pursuit of peace as we learn to lay down the burden of better that drives us (and our kiddos) crazy!

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the burden of better is for homeschool moms

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