Okay. Confession time. Have you ever struggled with comparing yourself to your FRIENDS? Oh my. It’s about to get real.

We all need friends. Sometimes making them isn’t the problem – it’s keeping them. When comparison whispers it’s lies to us about where we stand as compared to our friends… things can get messy. Realistically, friends may not be friends forever. We grow, we change, we move to a new city. But no friendship can stay healthy when comparison creeps in.

I dive into this topic in my new book, “The Burden of Better,” where I warn against letting comparison drive a wedge between you and your friends. I even have a few diagnostic questions on how to tell if comparison is killing a friendship you’re currently in. One of them is to ask yourself this question: When you find yourself obsessed with what your friend thinks of you instead of caring about how she is doing, that’s a sign that you need to cut comparison out of the equation and stop comparing yourself to your friends.

Keeping comparison out of friendship requires frequent heart checks. But don’t let comparison con you into believing that you’re better off without friends. No matter how many “mean girls” you’ve encountered, know that God’s desire is for us to engage in meaningful friendships. In fact, bonding with other women heart-to-heart is actually a good way to hamper comparison.

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the burden of better is for friends

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