I’ll be the first to admit: I love clothes. I own way too many and sometimes spend hours thinking of new outfits and trying things on, attempting to find the perfect balance between flattering, trendy, and comfortable. I’m a fashion-lover, but what would God say about this?

With the time I spend on my outfits, it’s definitely an eye-opener to remember that God doesn’t care what I’m wearing. His plan for my life does not revolve around my appearance. In my new book, “The Burden of Better,” I remind you that these earthly measures of success can’t compare to God’s dreams for our lives. God doesn’t want us to look more like her, or her, or her. Instead, God wants us to look more like Jesus. You know, his ‘man of sorrows,’ homeless Son who was betrayed by his friends and rejected in every way imaginable. (Yikes.)

If you’re a fashion-lover, here’s a question to consider. Do I spend more time trying to look like the latest cover of Vogue than I do trying to look like Jesus. If you’re not sure, check out “The Burden of Better” for grace-filled encouragement on how to change this equation!

Order the new Christian book on comparison, “The Burden of Better” here!

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Check out my first book on body image, “Compared to Who?” here!

the burden of better is for fashion lovers


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