My oldest son, barely 4-years-old at the time, was my companion for a road trip. I was behind the wheel and not wasting any time getting to our destination. As we passed a car, he yelled out from the backseat, “Yay! Mommy wins the race!” I laughed so hard. I’ve never forgotten that moment. You see, I like to win. I’m driven, determined, and diligent. If you put me in charge, I will make sure you get results. That’s how I used to define leadership—getting the job done! But is that how Jesus would have defined leadership?

For those of us with “natural leadership ability” the struggle with comparison may be even greater. If you identify yourself as a leader, chances are you feel a strong sense of internal drive! Why settle for good when you could be the best? Why walk when you could run? Why run when you could sprint? That drive makes us the kind of employee everyone wants to hire and the kind of leader everyone wants to follow. But, sometimes being driven can be exhausting! Winning the race can be fun, but we can find ourselves drained and even depressed after we cross the finish line.

God gave me my leadership ability for a reason, I believe he wants to use these gifts. But, I also believe that Jesus modeled a type of leadership that should help free us from the pressure of always winning.

Jesus’ style of leadership was servant-leadership.

He led by serving. He put others first. Instead of comparing and climbing, Jesus looked around for who he could lift up.

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