This is the first post in a new series featuring the REAL women who were part of the making of the video trailer for the Compared to Who? book! Get to know these women by reading a bit about their stories and how they’ve battled hearing the enemies lies about their bodies and their value.

Name: Allyss Flores

 My sign says: I am too pale.

 When I first heard this lie:

I don’t really remember a moment. But, as early as 4th grade I hated swimsuits and sports uniforms that seemed to highlight my bright white skin compared to others tan or dark skin. None of the famous pop singers were pale. I definitely knew that being too white was not ideal. I can’t remember a time I didn’t believe that being tan would make “even a chubby girl like me” feel more beautiful and therefore experience a happier life.

When I most often hear it now:

Swimsuit season is always the hardest for me. Also, I married into a Hispanic family and although they never make me feel bad about my skin color, I stand out in family pictures and have to fight against insecurity in that way.

What I do when I look in the mirror and hear the lie:

Honestly, I focus on my freckles, since I like my freckles. But if I’m wearing shorts and I get hung up on how white my freckle-less legs are. I remind myself that no one else cares about my legs as much as I do and that I don’t need tan legs in order to love others well. In fact, being paler than “her” might help her to feel more comfortable than me, so my perceived weakness can help me accomplish more.

What I pray for women who share the same struggle I do:

That she would open her heart to believe that her worth doesn’t come from the color of her skin. And although our skin color may leave an impression on others, it is not who we are. Since I am genetically predisposed to it, I am not less than white but I am more than white! I am an adopted daughter of God Almighty and he made me this way for his glory. So I pray that she can imagine what it would be like to believe truth in this area and find freedom.
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