The Burden of Better is For: Joy Seekers

by | Sep 16, 2020 | Comparison

We know how joy gets stolen (Comparison IS the thief of joy, after all). But, where do you go to replenish it? How do you remain filled with joy even on days when you’re bloated, Zoom doesn’t work right during that important meeting, the kids are fighting, and the world’s gone mad. How do you get joy? Where do you find it? Can we order it on Amazon? Don’t you want to know how to find joy?

I’ve wrestled these questions for years. (Okay, not the Amazon one, but honestly, sometimes I shop thinking that will bring me joy. Do you?) At certain points I decided maybe I didn’t even need joy. Perhaps it was enough to just live life in a lackluster state of “okayness” because joy just seemed so out of reach.

But recently I’ve discovered that joy isn’t optional. Joy is a command. Yikes. In fact, some scholars insist there are 25 different commands to be joyful through out scripture. “Rejoice always!” and “Count it all joy” and “Shout with a joyful noise!” Wow! God really wants us to be joyful! This amped up the pressure in some ways. If joy wasn’t a luxury item—then I REALLY needed to know how to get some.

So, I searched scripture. I prayed. I listened to sermons by ministers I trust. And, I think I’ve learned some of the secrets to finding joy. Of course, defeating comparison is a great first step to leading a more joy-filled life. After that there ARE things we can do to fill our lives with more joy. I share them in my brand new book, “The Burden of Better: How a Comparison-Free Life Leads to Joy, Peace, and Rest.” I hope you’ll check it out.

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The Burden of better is for joy seekers

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