Dear Girl Mom, She’s Watching

by | Apr 24, 2015 | Body Image, Helping Daughter with Body Image, Motherhood

Dear Fellow Girl Mom:

She’s watching.

Every scowling glare we give the mirror. Every time we use the “F” word (fat). Each and every time we grumble about thighs that touch or bellies that aren’t flat as the pavement.

She knows.

She knows when we aren’t happy with our appearance and when those thoughts consume us. She knows when mommy’s confident smile turns into an insecure grimace. She knows when the clock says it’s time to leave and mom is trying on outfit number forty-seven.

But, she loves.

She loves you despite the fact that you look nothing like one of those ladies on the magazine cover. She loves your hair, just the way it is unkempt, first thing in the morning. She loves clinging to your leg for security, even on days when you are wearing jeans that barely zipped.

Mom, you are enough.

Jesus’ sacrifice makes you enough, not your dress size. Not how your thighs look in a swim skirt. He already accepts you.

And, the truth is, so does she.

When you question your value, she also questions hers.

When you doubt that you are good enough, guess who wonders the same?

Mom, find your security in Him. Believe that what you have to offer is so much more than what you look like on the outside.

Then show her. Show her so she knows also. Show her so that she will also believe.

Rest in this truth today and share with friends who also struggle.

Your Show Speaks Louder Than Your Tell.-4


  1. Erika Hartzell

    I love this. Great perspective. Just this week, my 4yo daughter told me so sincerely how beautiful I looked in my bathing suit. It struck me and caused me to reflect on my value and her perfect admiration of mommy. I want to be so careful to love and accept myself and convey those messages to her.

    • Heather Creekmore

      Awww… I love that story, Erika. Thank you for sharing it. Yes, they are watching. They don’t see the “imperfections” they see someone they love. 😉 Thanks for chiming in!


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