In two weeks I’m moving! Just like last January. Yes, you read that right. I moved a year ago. Now, I’m moving again. And, no, this is not something I enjoy doing.

But, what I am looking forward to is being in our own home, once again. And, being organized.

Oh, don’t let me fool you. Organization is something that I really appreciate. I’m just not awesome at it. I can organize schedules and birthday parties effortlessly. Pantries, play rooms, my clothing . . . that’s a different story. Here’s a photo of our playroom. It may not be appropriate for audiences of all ages.

Messy Toy Room Compared to Who

So, when Shannon Upton asked me to review her new book, “Building Your House: A Faithful Mom’s Guide to Organizing Home and Family,” I thought, sure, why not. I can USE that book! 


So I read it and I really loved it. Here’s why:

First, Shannon keeps priorities in order. Her first two chapters are about clearing out the spiritual clutter in our lives (like perfectionism and comparison!). Shannon talks about how we must do this first before we try to tackle our physical clutter. Can I get an “Amen” here? Shannon talks about becoming a Jesus Mom — a woman who is about Jesus and kingdom life instead of trying to be the “Supermom” culture tells us we should be.

Second, Shannon has practical, Bible-based, tips for organizing and de-cluttering. There’s another popular book out there (one I’ve not read but actually referenced) that talks about not holding on to possessions you don’t love. Many women I know are referencing it as a manual for minimizing their stuff accumulation. But, I like Shannon’s approach better! Instead of using an Eastern/mystic approach to getting rid of all that you don’t love in your home, Shannon takes a Biblical approach to de-cluttering our lives of what we don’t need. She uses scripture to encourage us to not hold on to our possessions to tightly and to not let our stuff interfere with our work in raising our families and serving Jesus. Win!Building-Your-House-Meme-7

Third, Shannon has great practical tips for family organization and routine setting too. Like I said, I’m the worst at organizing canned goods and Legos, but I can create a family calendar like nobody’s business. But, some moms I know will truly benefit from Shannon’s wisdom and expertise in this area. Like Shannon, I believe that routines are the key to a happy and healthy family life. (My words, not her’s!)

Fourth, this book is filled with nuggets of truth to help you with organization and life in general. Several principles throughout the book that apply to home and family organization can also apply to just about every area of our lives as women. Even if you aren’t in desperate need of organization help, you’ll still get something out of this wonderful book.

If you are ready to get organized this year, I recommend you give Shannon Upton’s book, “Building Your House: A Faithful Mom’s Guide to Organizing Home and Family” a quick read. I know you won’t regret it!

**Disclosures: I don’t know Shannon and was not paid to endorse this book. I was however provided a free copy and asked for my honest opinion. That’s what you read here. After reading it, I was happy to give it this glowing review!

**This post contains affiliate links**

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